About the launch of a personal brand on the web

Online start is rarely easy and enjoyable. Individual specialists from highly professional industries (e.g. lawyers, real estate specialists, trainers) who are used to running a business and offline marketing are particularly difficult.

The natural and usually effective strategy in such cases is the evolutionary approach. It is about continuing the current professional achievements and appearing on the Internet under your own name – that is, the need to create and develop your personal brand on the Internet. The issue of the second, more revolutionary strategy, i.e. hiding behind the facade of a new corporate brand, will not be discussed in this post – this is not a case study.

Mr. Leszek Flis, a property appraiser, is the person matching the above description. We helped him take off on the web and created a visual identity for his personal brand.

1. Logotype

The purpose of visual identification of personal brands is for the recipient to remember the name and surname and associate them with the specialization – just that and so much. This is the main reason why we limited the logotype to typography only. Minimalism and elegance, which is clearly associated with the serious profession of a real estate appraiser, but surrounded by light white so as not to create an unnecessary distance between the target group and the specialist.

If we decided to add a signet to the logotype, we would go towards something as simple as possible, not diverting attention from the most important information, which is the name. Often in such cases, simply initials are used as the basis for the signet.

2. Website – about me, blog

Together with the logotype, we designed and implemented the website https://leszekflis.pl/ We tried to create a balance between Mr. Leszek, its main protagonist , and the real estate he deals with. The most important places on the website are about me and the blog – both serve to strengthen the image of an expert and present experience.

3. Business card

Visual identification must be consistent – regardless of whether we are talking about an online or offline image. The project was created at a time when face-to-face meetings were commonplace – we are impatiently waiting for this to return … And in the meantime, we present a business card design:

4. Further cooperation

On the day of writing the entry, we continue our cooperation – we maintain the website and take care of its security.

Building a strong personal brand on the Internet is a long process. However, you have to start somewhere, and creating the basics of visual identification, website and business card is undoubtedly a good start.

Wystartuj z nami!

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