Culinary User Experience

Hawaiian pizza. For some, the best pizza. For others, it’s not even her. But how to satisfy the taste buds regardless of culinary tastes?

Using the design language, when creating a “perfect” pizza, it would be necessary to carry out an analysis of needs, create a mock-up of the solution, which, after being carefully designed, could be implemented as part of the MVP and tested with users. Knowing the love of pepperoni fans for cheese, as well as the love of sweet and salty compositions of Hawaiian pizza connoisseurs, one should design an experience that meets the needs of everyone. Who knows, maybe it would be pepperoni with pineapple …?


The aforementioned experience design was carried out as part of a project for Michał Toczyłowski – a cook who from tomatoes alone, it can create a masterpiece of culinary art . The very first meeting with Michał confirmed our conviction that the joint project will be an extraordinary combination of his amazing energy with demanding subject matter.

Preparation process

When designing Michał’s website, we were guided by the key assumption – the website of a personal brand must correspond to its personality. In this case, the combination of professionalism and experience had to meet the courage and way of being a young cook. But as long as the first component of this equation corresponds to minimalism and aesthetics – how do you represent the absolutely unique rest?

So we decided to focus on Michał’s photos and the way of presenting the entries he creates. This is also how the blog feed was created, which has a different structure with each refresh and each top-up of subsequent entries.

Method of administration

Effect? The incredible excitement of the customer was only a foretaste of how the recipients would react to the website. The website strengthened his image as a professional and specialist in his profession, and additionally supplemented him with a humorous character, so far known only through direct contact.

The implementation of the project for Michał was a fantastic experience, which resulted in, in our subjective opinion, one of the most interesting projects in our portfolio – and certainly the tastiest!

PS. Whether you’re a pepperoni or Hawaiian fan, be sure to visit Michał’s blog . You will surely find a recipe for a dish that will meet your culinary expectations!

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