How do NGOs need support?

There are missions that we mark as particularly important in our logbooks. These are all projects for non-governmental organizations (NGOs). Nothing affects the morale of the crew as positively as supporting people committed to social welfare.

the Confederation of Women of the Republic of Poland came to us with the challenge of creating a new website that, apart from refreshing the Foundation’s image on the Internet was also to be a platform for publishing various types of content related to its activities. An additional goal was to make it easier for the Foundation’s donors to support it.

1. UX workshop

One of the most important challenges in the project was information structuring and appropriate content division. We grouped and categorized during the UX Workshop, from which we start practically every project. After completing the segmentation of areas and defining their information structures, we applied the effects of work to functional mock-ups, which constitute the basis for the next stage of the project – graphic design.

2. Graphic design and website implementation

When creating the graphic design, we were guided by giving the website a feminine, light and delicate character, as well as to maintain transparency and readability of the information presented. The effect was achieved thanks to the right choice of leading colors, leaving a lot of white and drawing “airy”, linear decorations and illustrations for the title sections of individual pages. In the implementation itself, we also resigned from “aggressive” animations, e.g. entrances, instead of using accents and highlights that facilitate interaction.

3. Integration with the internet payment system

The last element of the project was to link the website to the online payment system in order to minimize the time needed to support the foundation by donors. We can tell our readers that the “dump plug” programmed for this purpose will be further developed, but we will only show the effects when we finish the work.

The image of an NGO on the Internet is a very important thing, as it significantly influences the perception of a given organization by donors and supporters. The very fact of the changes and evolution of this image shows that the organization is run by people who simply care.

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