Profession of the future – influencer

For some, it is the peak of dreams, for the other it comes out by accident, and the third has simply natural talent – Influencer’s work is currently the profession most often indicated by the young generation that they would like to perform. Cooperation with the “Internet star” is not that simple matter. Influencer brands are often characterized by high specificity and a strong emphasis on the created climate. Most of them face a strong need for their viewers to identify with the idol. The most common response to this demand is the sale of dedicated gadgets. But how to make it match the tone of voice of the brand and at the same time bring profit? Motobieda contacted us with such a problem.


Initially, Motobieda was selling through Allegro. Unfortunately, the platform is characterized not only by a lot of competition and fees, but also a fairly neutral environment where YouTuber merch has been losing a lot. That’s why he decided to create his own online store. The technical aspects in this case were not complicated, what was the real challenge was to create a store in which the atmosphere and content would reflect the nature of Motobieda’s operations and would encourage its viewers to visit the store.


After brainstorming and joint creative work with the client, we managed to create real content gems. From the cookie announcement to humorous blog entries, everything on the website created by the store almost screams MOTOBIEDA. If you want to find out for yourself, we recommend that you read about the discount for new customers on the website ( The most important, however, is the fact that the binding prepared in this way increases the quality of the user experience, and this keeps the user on the website and prompts him to make a purchase. Contrary to Allegro, where the gadget had to sell itself, here everything that surrounds the product also sells it, creating an atmospheric whole with it.


However, let’s not forget about completing the customer’s journey in the store – that is, the sales process itself. Even the best-advertised product will not reach the customer if the procedures are too burdensome. That is why we used the convenient WooComerce plug-in, which we integrated with Przelewy24 online payments and InPost shipments.


Ultimately, the best review for the store were the comments of Motobieda viewers who enthusiastically shared all the flavors found on the website and the fact that the turnover generated by the store during the month exceeded its value twice. For us, it was great fun and a challenge to our creativity, which we gladly took up. We believe that matching the final product to the client, regardless of whether it is a characteristic influencer or a serious company, is the key to success.

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