Lions Place – 14 day return on investment

Working in sales requires constant professional development and focus on self-development. Our client – Paweł Ciszak from Lions Place knows the needs of sellers as few as anyone, for many years he has managed sales teams in the insurance industry. After 17 years of working in a corporation, managing and training hundreds of agents and managers, Paweł decided to switch to his own and started his own consulting and training activity. We are pleased to accompany him from the beginning and today we share the success story of the Lions Place brand.


Paweł came to us with a head full of experiences and a specific business idea. Importantly, he also knew what he wanted to name his business. However, he needed support in making his vision a reality. At the same time, he was very open to our ideas and concepts, thanks to which we could turn his expectations into a real project to implement.

Using our experience, we helped Paweł create a vision of the consumer’s path, develop full branding, and bring this idea to life. The new website was not only supposed to be a showcase, but a real platform for contacting Paweł’s customers and a place to sell his knowledge.

Our contribution to this project therefore encompassed a wide range of activities:

  • developing a visual identity in the form of a brandbook along with designs of business cards, letterhead or template presentations;
  • designing the paths of the consumer moving around the site, adapting the sales funnel to them;
  • building a website, along with an automated online store.

Challenge 1. How to reflect the character of the brand with a logo?

The training and consulting industry is largely based on interpersonal relations, so the key challenge for us was to create a communication strategy with a human face. The figure of a lion is a very vivid motif that can represent many attitudes. Paweł wanted the logotype of his company to reflect the values ​​behind his work.

Contrary to appearances, nothing in the form designed by us is accidental. We have prepared a total of 10 different proposals and devoted the entire inspirational workshop. During which we discussed the features of the brand that we want to emphasize. The posture of the character was important to us, as it also carries a certain subliminal emotional load.

That is why we chose the image of a lion looking forward, focused on what is in front of him. The mature look of the lion emphasizes Paweł’s confidence resulting from seventeen years of experience in the industry.

Challenge 2. Video as the main communication tool

While working in the corporation, Paweł observed high efficiency of video recording as a means of communication with trainees. The way of presenting knowledge in this way was to become a distinguishing feature of his personal brand. Our task, however, was to neatly integrate the video content into the paths of users navigating on the site.

Ultimately, during the User Experience workshop, we proposed and later implemented two variants of communication, which were divided according to the form of content presentation. At the start, the user can choose whether he wants to view the materials in text or audiovisual form. Our proposal assumed that customers who already know Paweł can go straight to the training part, and those who want to get to know him can go all the way from beginning to end.

Challenge 3. Sales automation

On our initiative, we proposed to integrate the online store present on the website with the automatic payment module. Paweł accepted our idea with interest, the only question was when to launch this functionality. According to our experience, we suggested integration with the start of the store, which turned out to be a bull’s eye.

Paweł shares his knowledge and experience in the form of individual consultations and / or group training. It is not a typical product that can be placed on the shelf in an online store, so designing an effective shopping path was the key to success. Shortening the path of purchasing training and consulting in Lions Place compared to the traditional form of sales of consulting and training services made it possible to quickly fill Paweł’s calendar and accelerate the return on investment to just two weeks of operation.

The key to success here was to shorten the conversion period for people who are already familiar with Paul’s competences or for those who want to buy training without further ado. Automatic payments reduce the risk of changing the purchasing decision, which increases with the length of the purchasing process.


FASTSITE’s involvement included the comprehensive design and implementation of the website along with the online store. To do this, we held two workshops: user experience and inspirational. In addition, we made a full visual identification (brandbook, business cards, letterhead, sales presentation template). We also recommended a friendly company to record a video content for the website, Paweł was definitely satisfied with the end result.

We are happy that we can continue to support this project by maintaining the website and administering its content. Cooperation with Paweł is extremely fruitful for us and we are looking forward to its next chapters.

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